Friday, April 10, 2015

Exorcisms - self released #2

I just connected the dots today that Hannah from the Exorcisms was a vocalist in all the White Murder singles I covered a while back. The only things they have in common might just be the tempo and punk spirit of both projects. Listening back to Exorcisms first single, this one further fuses their glitter garage sound with hardcore pop letting loose with an ugly mess of guitars and noise.

A-Side's "Scripted Lines" opens with an overdriven crunchy guitar over caveman toms and sliding headfirst into a bobbing burst of muted chords for the verse. David Lopez is delivering these lyrics without calculation sticking to instinct of where they'll land, separating thoughts in aid of this tempo and sound. It explodes into a brief moment of fills and hyper melody for the refrain that comes back with it's own distorted cut up memories blasting chords like the Hot Snakes. Breaking into an obscene crunch and the suffocated squeal of a solo before repeating that whole thing all over again, sticking to the explosive parts even more. The arrangement is dizzying, the back and forth between tempos forcing room for the guitar to stick it's head out just before they go into a tunnel again somehow getting faster and pounding harder all the way to the end.
On B-Side's "This Might Hurt a Bit" harmonic reverb chunky notes are all that accompanies David and Hannah while they lay out this lyric nearly a cappella before going revival prom night with jangly guitars and that shit eating beat. The slow dance is broken up by a Jesus Lizard/Bleach style convention of gravelly fuzz that deliberately brought serious pyro to the gymnasium. David keeps that crooner vocal style going on the top of this heavily compressed crunch that eventually takes over becoming the center of the universe. They really let the decibels go and sucker punch you at the end, making off with your date. All I can hear is incredibly thought out arrangements and a microscopic level of detail in the guitar performance and sound. Who the hell is going to step up and put out their third single? DIY 'aint cheap.

Go get this from these guys direct on their band camp page.

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