Friday, February 23, 2007


KLAXONS : Golden Skans (Gatefold) details + samples RINSE RECORDS : 7" :
New Klaxons 7'' single riding on the neu-rave hype they've singlehandedly created. Indie meets rave (attitude - not sound!) for some hardcore partying! Backed by a live recording of "Atlantis To Interzone".
High pitch falsetto with some crappy playing, repetitive chords over and over combined in some pseudo-danceable way. It's half assed. And what the fuck, they sold out bowery ballroom or some shit. This is bad rave music that blasts from polish jacked up ridiculous cars in greenpoint. Go play club europa, and not ironically.
Seriously why am I listening to this crap?
Now I remember seeing this video on NYnoise and I liked it but that just means they are poseurs.

Complete shite.

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