Monday, February 26, 2007

USAISAMONSTER picture disk

I really think this could be really interesting release from this band on load records. I can hear some ozzy, very seventies, fuzzed out like hardcore dead meadow here with weird new noise-core effects just creating an impressive mess. Throw in some post psychedelic sound as well. I never know which way these tracks are going, and as much old influences as there are, there is something new about this. As much as they are taking from the past they are innovating along the lines of lightning bolt, but tighter in sections..more along the lines of the liars, played through a hippy stereo.
I am really curious to hear them play with an orchestra at their disposal, and this picture disc looks great...lovepump is going all out with these seven inches.
I see them playing in brooklyn all the time and I'm glad I finally checked them out, they are definitely worth going to see live.
Every time I see something like this and then I think 'yea that would be interesting but it's like 9 dollars...then I write about it and I convince myself to go order it from midheaven. (For some reason it's cheaper there?..)

USA IS A MONSTER "Geronimo" (Lovepump United - LPU 010) PICTURE DISC 7" $9.25
***Brooklyn, NY duo USA IS A MONSTER take a break from their prolific, terrifically noisy Load Records catalogue to release two acoustic songs with Lovepump United. This surprisingly 'quiet' release from the normally skronktastic band is a lush, psychedelic exploration recorded with a seven-piece ensemble at The Werehouse in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The vinyl itself is an extremely limited, beautiful full-color picture disc 7-inch with artwork by the band.

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