Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Berg Sans Nipple - Hero / Heroin 7"

'Hero' / 'Heroin'

I really like that this was part of an installation, that is my goal. I really think about how I can work this into my own work and use it as an excuse to press a couple hundred seven inches.

This is very electronic, lots of different sounds going on here, heavy on the moog, not necessarily trying to be dancey, it's pretty somber and focused on the sound. There is some solid songwriting here, but they did make me realize it might be impossible to successfully use the kettle drum in any kind of meaningful way...

This is from their very own myspace:
last year we contributed to Cody Hudson and Dzine's installation at the ARCO06 art fair in Madrid and Chocolate Industries did a 7".
Cody just clued us in that some of these extremely limited edition 7"s can be found at turntablelab! clear vinyl featuring "A Free..." and the previously unreleased "A Voie Lactee" hurry hurry!!!
and Turntable Lab:
You know, sometimes we get some really cool shit here at das Lab. Take this 7", for instance: 300 copies of this little, see-thru slab of vinyl were pressed up last year as an "artifact" to coincide with a Cody Hudson art installation in Madrid, and somehow we got our hands on the remaining copies. Franco-American indie rock ensemble The Berg Sans Nipple provided two new tracks for this record, and they're both really banging as indie rock tracks go. "A Free…(1)" starts off slow and rambling, but picks up steam along the way in the form of layered chimes, handclaps and steel drums, almost creating a Gamelan vibe. On the flip, "La Voie Lactee(2)" is a haunting, slumping downtempo track – and yes, it really plays at 33. Cool stuff here. Clear vinyl in a clear sleeve with 2-sided color insert.
Headphone debate?
I see everyone on the train with those giant headphones, talking about which ones are the best, which ones won't crack around the cord. As good as it sounds it just seems like way too much work. I have enough crap in my bag already to try to jam giant headphones in there.
The other day I got those earplugs that jam into your ear canal, and it was shocking how much sound they completely blocked out, it's like being underwater. The only problem with these is just like putting a stethoscope in your ear I can hear the cord bump up against my jacket with every step. It's feels like it's connected directly to my eardrum...and when I cough it's amplified....maybe it's just weird because there are no other sounds all of a sudden.
I like it, it just takes some getting used to, but listening to the books was a whole new experience and I actually got scared for a second when dogs were barking on one of the tracks.

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