Wednesday, March 15, 2006

3 more stereolab singles

Geez this is getting a little confusing. These 6 stereolab 7 inches are going to be their new album? I saw this one at the record store the other day and wasn't sure this was different, than the first 3, or if they were just releasing alternate sleeves. But no this is another series of 3...and you can bet your ass I'm getting all of them...Someday. So the whole thing will be around $24, but voltron wasn't cheap either.

By the way at insound you can click on '7's' at the top to start looking at hundreds of 7 inches. I would like to think I had something to do with that...but I didn't. But it makes looking for 7 inches wayyyyyyy easier, I just ordered like 10 from them. I could never keep all of them in my cart until I checked out, I'd forget what section they were i.....I don't know what it means, but 7 inches aint going anywhere.


  1. the la savy fav's inches concept strikes again! nice voltron reference.

  2. I'm suprised how many bands are doing this, the interpol boxed set, but I was super excited about 'be you own pet's" album coming out as a 7inch set...but I may have missed out.