Thursday, March 16, 2006

sukpatch skimming various sites and I came across this description for a different 7 inch than the one pictured...well now I think it might be for this release? I'm still not sure if there is a new one. I think so.
Anyway this description is a little insidery, and cryptic but I think 'lo-fi slacker pop' just got me. If it is from 1998, that would be a great 7 inch that I missed. Sometimes I can't get enough of that time period and that crazy lou barlow, early smog...beck, you could make music out of anything.
So I cut and paste the quote into my research file...
Plus now that I saw the picture I think I've seen this a couple times at different places, so it's going on my list.

Order it from sub pop.
They still have a few 7 inches in their catalog. I got in at the very end of their singles club and got iron & wine, and listening to this quiet far away crackly song about a rusted out chevy with no engine...and I can't listen to it any other way.

"Whilst no match for classics like Lubricated Goat, Iron Prostate and the erstwhile Test Icicles (RIP), Sukpatch is nonetheless a pretty unappealing band name. It therefore comes as some surprise not to be beaten about the head with a barrel of iron-clad riffage and instead encounter a 7" slice of lo-fi slacker pop beamed in direct from 1995. For those with a pub-quiz on the way it might be worth recalling that Sukpatch was the original reason for Moshi Moshi being minted, and 'Medium Self-Employed' is the first release of his long-awaited debut LP. Just about justifying it's existence through an electro backdrop that drags it away from the Bran Van 3000 precipice, Sukpatch finds himself delivered safely into Beck's heaving bosom. Sukker! .."

RACONTEURS....Turntable lab still has copies available...I just ordered one for the not too insane price of 7$. Plus they had a bunch of other stuff I've been meaning to get.

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