Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Be your own Pet ..Box?

I don't know too much about 'be your own pet' but I like what I've heard, yeah yeah yeah references, etc. But without having an album out yet they have the most wax available....all in 7 inch format. Starting with this:

"It's time! We've a brand new BYOP single pre-ordering right now - called 'Adventure' and on two 7" singles, and CD,

On March 27th we've got the debut BYOP album available, as well as a super limited box set version, which is strictly limited to something daft like around 20 copies here. Lucky for you, stock is already out in the shops, so they're NOW available, which I'll be making available five at a time, at various stages through the next week (check the Be Your Own Pet fansite forum, as I'll post there when stock is to be made available) to make sure everyone everywhere gets a fair shot at ordering one, it'll be strictly one copy per billing address, household, whatever.

If I spot multiple orders from the same person, they'll be deleted. Just pre-warning you all...."

So... I read thru the 15 pages in the forums at be your own pet. and I think this one is long gone. I checked every record store they mentioned, plus they were all overseas...maybe it's for the best...I think it would have been like 70 bucks.

see how much it's going for on ebay!
Of course it is, on one hand it's ridiculous, but I have to make a case for ebay. Yes there's a few people who get it somehow...their dad owns a record store, etc, and then post it and could care less, obviously, about the music...but how else would I be able to even have a chance in hell of finding this...same with the raconteurs. I'm happy at least that I could buy it if I wanted....so it doesn't drive me too insane. Kind of knowing that if I really wanted to I could get it, even just to hear it and then put it back up there. But when you can't find it...thats when I get insane about it.

From rough trade:
adventure 7 inches
be your own pet are teenagers jamin, jonas, nathan and jemina. produced by steve mcdonald of la grungers red kross, their music is sub-three minutes song-blasts overflowing with ideas and energy. the new single, 'adventure', is the last single before their eponymous album. 'adventure' is the most obvious pop song on the album and bounces along like an updated take on bow wow wow. Even though the pace is mellower, the intensity and anger are still in full effect. limited 7" two comes backed by a demo version of 'we will vacation, you can be my parasol'.

Then at insound
they have 2 more. Thats 84 inches of vinyl. Way to go. Thats some kind of record.

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