Sunday, March 19, 2006

First Nation...paw nation

First Nation - First Nation Coronation 7" (Paw Tracks)
Debut single from NYC trio is in league with Animal Collective, Excepter and Gang Gang Dance.

You either are a fan of this neo-folk or you're not. On NY Noise Animal Collective's interview was great, I don't know what I expected. I think that's it, I doubt they would say they are part of some 'movement' or doing anything other than their contemporaries...just experimenting with new sounds.
Basically anything on the animal collective label 'paw tracks' I would take a chance on. I couldn't find a lot about 'first nation', except for a few reviews of 'textured sound' and 'three ladies', I don't know if anyone has a clear picture at this point. I don't even think they're on myspace. But if they are touring with AC, then I'm sure they are worth trying.

"Paw Tracks presents the debut single “First Nation Coronation” from the New York City trio First Nation. Just over a year old, First Nation (featuring Melissa Livaudais, Nina Mehta, and Kate Rosko) have already shared the stage with fellow musical cohorts and admirers Animal Collective, Excepter, and Gang Gang Dance. Their single contains two songs. “Antelope Attack” is, well, exactly that: all hoof stomping, melodic tones rustling in the wind, and then the feverish rhythmic chase. “Braided Metal” is the sound of a Glenn Branca orchestra gone atonal before giving up and going twee pop."

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