Wednesday, March 22, 2006


hella 7 inch

I had to search around to find out more about these guys. I read some or review and got excited and ordered their double album recently. It was exactly what I wanted. Insane sounds, really catchy. They use everything from really live sounding drums in a huge room, to gameboy beats from an eyecam.

It kept coming up on random and I'd have to stop on the crowded train and try to pull the ipod out before it went to the next track. Everytime was hella. It's great headphone music, but not minimal and quiet. It really rocked. It's the kind of band that fills some kind of gap in my explanations of bands because now I use it as a measure. "They aren't like lightning bolt...or don cab, ...more like hella."

"Features "Falam Dynasty," backed with "It's Go In." Crazed technical mathcore noise from this duo."

I like that.

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