Thursday, March 23, 2006

bored fortress single club!

This label I've looked at before..but not enough because they almost slipped this singles club by me.
There's just a few subscriptions left, so get in on it (maybe 15 at this point). There is some really incredible stuff here, handmade packaging, silkscreened sleeves, boxes full of leaves with your cdr....tons of interesting music, these guys care about music, lots of noise rock here.

From Not Not Fun:

"We're opening the NNF Bored Fortress 7" Club to subscribers. basically, for $22, you get 1 split 7" a month (from January to June), delivered to yr door. Bands featured are:

--Coughs/Night Wounds
--Silver Daggers/Death Sentence: Panda!
--Raccoo-oo-oon/Sword Heaven
--My Little Red Toe/Foot Foot
--Burmese/16 Bitch Pile Up

hand silkscreened artwork by Dennis Tyfus

paypal here



Here's what you can look forward to:

This is the first split 7-inch of Not Not Fun’s Bored Fortress 7-inch club. This release features noise-rock stylings Chicago-based Coughs and LA-based Night Wounds. Coughs “Sexual Hijinx” (5:27): Sonic Youth-style noise rock. Concussive guitars bottom out to the unabashed screams from Anya Davidson. This track is pretty heavy compared with the tracks from their 2005 debut release Fright Makes Right, it is driving and unforgiving. Night Wounds “Hex Appeal” (2:46): Noise-punk stylings here from Night Wounds. This side of the split is quite a bit lighter compared with the Coughs. Slightly distorted vocals accompany the clean guitar thrashings and sax with the drums trying to hold it all together."

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