Friday, April 28, 2006

Jose Gonzalez • Heartbeats

I have been hearing things...about jose gonzalez... Then this commercial....Now the seven inches...there's almost something better about an acoustic guitar and singer on a seven inch. I first heard elliot smith on the 'angeles' 45, will oldham inch, Iron and wine...the subpop single. So I was happy to find this on my favorite format.

This is a cover of the now I have to go look them up. (is this the right band?)
But you'll have to be pretty serious to get this one. First is limited to 525 copies, but it pretty much just came out the beginning of April. It's about $6.80 + shipping from this european outlet. But if you order from here...where you can also get the 'crosses' 7 by him and be crowned king of bedford avenue.

Or you'll just have to search it out at your local shop...other music had this one...I was really suprised, they don't stock a lot of 7 inches. But then again they do have a huge vinyl selection for that tiny space across from tower records.

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