Monday, May 1, 2006

Cat Power 'Could We b/w Dreams'

I saw a proper Cat Power picture sleeve release at other music when I found the Jose Gonzalez 7 inch.
I still haven't given the greatest enough listening time. I watched that film release 'Speaking for Trees' the other day and it was just perfect, the sound was amazing, and it's just her in a field in upstate ny, the birds chirping. I think it fits in with 'Last Days' and 'Gerry', the most honest way to experience a person or situation is just to spend some serious time with them, long almost excruciating shots, taking the good with the bad.

"New Matador Europe 7" and CD single, just in time for Chan's rescheduled tour dates. "Could We" is from The Greatest and a non album track, "Dreams" which is Chan's take on the classic made famous by the Everly Brothers."

Matador is selling this at their site for $3. Very reasonable...hopefully she won't cancel these next two nights at town hall.

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