Monday, May 22, 2006

Jenny Lewis and Watson Twins 7 inches

I really don't know what I thought about Rilo Kiley...I was looking for more sensitive girl bands one day, like the softies and they came up in reviews as something I needed to hear. I think I listened to Then I found a live show from some venue in NY and it was Jenny Lewis and an acoustic guitar and I listened to that forever. I don't actually put her in my head along with that kindercore stuff, it's a little tougher,... But still I might cry.
The video from this album is pretty funny, it looks like an old hee haw musical number.
I guess sarah silverman must like her also.

If you order quick you should still be able to get a bonus 7 inch with purchase of the album.

Or if you're really adventurous/obsessed, you can get another one from road recs
The 'You are what you love' 7 inch.

Or get this one From Rough Trade:
Lewis, Jenny-Rise Up With Fists-Taken From Her Excellent Solo Album With The
Watson Twins Rabbit Fur Coat, Jenny Watson Is Also The Singer With Indie
Outfit Rilo Kiley, A Really Beautiful Country Tinged Pop Song, Also Features
Paradise On The Flip Side, May 2006-7"

I can't wait to see Sunset Rubdown at Mercury lounge tonight, I love this side project from Wolf Parade, and it should be cool to see Spencer Krug in that tiny venue. No seven inches from either band...sadly.

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