Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Broken Social Scene

From roadrecs:
"Broken Social Scene-7/4 Shoreline-One Of The Catchiest Tracks From Their Excellent Self Titled Album On City Slang, Features Guest Vocalist Leslie Feist, A Totally Infectious Indie Rock Gem, Also Features Non Album Track Stars And Spit On The Flip Side, May 2006-7"-City Slang

I have heard about this new Broken Social Scene single 7/4 Shoreline, but of course I can't find a place locally to find here's some links to overseas carriers:

This was one place I found find it for sale.

It's here also. But shipping will be one ever said 7 inches were easy.

In an attempt to track it down, I came across Nicky's Broken Social Scene website. He has an extensive Broken Social Scene collection and he quickly responded to my insane questions about BSS and singles vinyl in the UK:

The first BSS release I picked up was the Stars and Sons/KC Accidental double 7" single. That was the first BSS release in the UK, in Aug 2003.

This is a very beautiful gatefold release. The artwork is very similar to that on the beehives album. The C=Time release is the standard 7" sleeve. The b-sides on these are on the Beehives album.

Vinyl has made a big comeback in the UK over the last five years. Most bands will release a "special" 7" with every single now. Independent labels made this happen.
Also singles are a much bigger deal in the UK. Most bands don't release singles in the US now. They only tend to release radio promo singles only. U2 is a good example. Massive band everywhere, but they haven't released a single in the USA since 1998.
I've been to the States allot recently, you guys miss out big time on 7" vinyl. I buy mine locally from independent stores, sometimes I have to buy mail order. I attend record fairs quite often also.

I collect allot of vinyl. I have around 2500 7" singles. I'd take pictures of the BSS releases, but I'd have to find them first! I store them, usually to never see them again. My main bands are The Waterboys, OMD & Doves. I have everything those bands have put out on 7". OMD especially have put out ALLOT of stuff out on 7" over the years. That takes allot of collecting! :)

I've seen several editions of the '7/4 shoreline' 7". Quite a few different promo versions were pressed. The commercial version, has the b-side 'Deathcock' which is a rather rare track. This originally appeared on a bonus CD given away with Beehives, with orders made at the BSS online store. Only 400 of those CDs were pressed. Only 500 copies of the 7/4 vinyl was pressed.

Wow, I have to move...
At least I'll be sure to goto the WFMU record fair on 14th street this year, I've always meant to go, and some of the collections I've heard about there are amazing. 2500 7 inches....there would be no room for anything. I feel very unhardcore.

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