Thursday, May 11, 2006

WEEN 7 inch - Gabrielle

I have loved ween ever since high school.
My friend Travis, who was always introducing me to cool shit, made me put on headphones at our friend Jenny's softball game, sitting bored on the sidelines waiting for it to be over. I knew about 'Push the Little Daisies' and had dismissed it as insanely annoying, it really pissed me off when I would hear it on 90.5 - The only station that mattered.

Well that day as soon as I heard the next few tracks, with headphones on mind you, I suddenly got it. This was genius, the best thing I had ever heard. The were messing with genres, on a 4-track. It seemed like they were never going a specific direction, the album was such a journey...don't have any expectations, you have no idea where this is going, just lay back against a tree in the shade, and let ween blow your freaking tiny high school mind, and make you get a 4 track, and realize that music doesn't have to have any god dam rules ever.

So then all of a sudden from atomic records, this showed up in their vinyl for this week:

"Ween - Gabrielle 7" (Schnitzel/Chocodog)
For the Ween collector. Elaborately packaged -- nicely silkscreened cover & vellum-sleeved interior -- one-sided 7" of the Shinola track."

And loving seven inches all the ones I've ever seen on ebay are going for way too much, like the pink subpop one, I see every once in a while. It's on my list.

By the way, ween has some amazing merchandise for sale.

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