Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Jose Gonzalez †'s

(Note: I've seen 2 different covers for this 7 online, the big one and then the smaller all black with two fetus' facing each other. This looks like one of those old palace brothers 7 inches...)

So I was having one of those nights, work was long, it probably was going to rain and I always say I'm going to do all this stuff when I get home, and then I just watch like America's top model, and I don't even really care that jade is gone, it will probably be boring now...but no, I went into my bedroom/office and put on the Jose Gonzalez 'Crosses' single, it was perfect, I immediately loved it, it does have that Nick Drake feel, but more elliot smith quietness, he's doing that double vocal thing which is nice, and he does it on all of veneer. That's the difference between Elliot smith, iron & wine, the new acoustic movement is that they are using all of these multiple layers of vocals to make kind of a muddy, track that can hide mistakes, and those tiny great moments that are there with Nick Drake. It just sounds sparser, even lonlier with the single vocal track. I don't know why no one is doing that lately. This track quiets and builds and then cuts off, just when you are expecting the chorus to come back it's over...way too quick, I had to keep flipping it over, the other track is great as well, there's a spanish flamenco influence that comes out every once in while, it sounds like he's using a nylon string guitar.
There's a 70's influence I couldn't place like stephen stills, it could easily have come from that time period.

I made Danielle take it out of the pile and put it on the record player, as soon as she got home.

I have one 45 case, a long dj case that has serious clamps on either end with ton's of foam...it's the good one in case there is a fire, I know what to save...this one went in there immediately.

Road recs, (uk) had it here.

Gonzalez, Jose-Crosses-Limited Edition 7 Inch Pressing On Peacefrog, Features The Beautifully Mellow Crosses Taken From His Album Veneer, Also Features Storm On The Flip Side, This 7 Inch Pressing Is Limited To Only 1000(999 -ed) Copies, April 2006-7"-Peacefrog-€4.50

They also have them at this foreign place.

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