Friday, May 12, 2006

Film School |||| Harmed

This is a new one, different from the 'on and on' single. They are playing a couple of dates at Mercury Lounge later this month and Maxwell's hopefully I'll catch one of them, they were really great.

I actually tried to order it the other day and they were out of stock, and then insound cancelled my order, so I could be out of luck on this one. I didn't see any at the show.

Here's the label's website. Yea....well you can't get them all.

***A brand new 7-inch EP from San Francisco shoegaze pysch rocksters FILM SCHOOL, and the band’s first release since their acclaimed 2003 Alwaysnever EP. You get the song “Harmed” from their upcoming new full-length, backed by the exclusive cut “The Longest Way.”

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