Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Love is all

I think you could safely argue there hasn't been as good of a use of a saxaphone in modern rock music since Glenn Frey in "You belong to the city", it's that important. It's that essential to the sound. Think of something where the sax is important... Kenny G doesn't count. Love is all actually makes it relevant again. I don't hate the saxaphone as much anymore. They are giving the saxaphone some god dam respect.
I guess it just hit me yesterday listening to this, there's a lot here but I never even really noticed it, in that way that an instrument like that can do.

But I am even more excited they have a seven inch.

This was one of the best live bands, not because of the nonexistant laser show, the covers they never played, the lack of crazy instruments, ... just because they made you feel like dancing all over the dam place, like a mental patient. They were so happy to be performing, the crowd was excited to see them. They were so good and I just know it was a rare moment. In the middle of it thinking, "oh my god they just finished that last song...there's only like 6 more left they could possibly play." I was pissed it was ending half way through the set, it was too dam good and I was trying to let myself down easy...trying to break up before I got broken up with.

But how much longer can that last? I was watching them already mourning their playing a giant venue the next time I see them.

Is that so wrong to want to connect with a band playing live? There is a limit to a space where I just won't go to anymore...really the venue matters. Right around 500 people I would say and it will get weird. Will I not go and see someone like arcade fire?
Well no, I'd better go see them or I never will. That just becomes a case of, "If I get tickets I was meant to go and if I don't , well it's probably going to suck."
I want there to be some kind of intimacy. I don't need a band to awknowledge me or anything, but around Irving Plaza size and dammit, it seems like no one gives a shit anymore.

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