Thursday, June 8, 2006

Aviator/Parade split

Here is a great split seven on Stickfigure records, two new artists, I randomly gave a listen to and wound up really liking parade. I think these are both Atlanta artists and I found this looking at Rob's House Fecordings. Anyway, go have a listen to these two bands myspace pages.



Aviator began with Atlanta musicians Casey and Hilary Yarbrough – guitarist and bassist respectively for the band Rolling Sixties – joined forces with the rhythm section from 1000 Fires, bassist Robert Heubleinsk and drummer Harry Baxley. Aviator has been compared to Versus, Throwing Muses, Sunny Day Real Estate, the Breeders and PJ Harvey. "Merging band members from rolling sixties and 1000 fires, aviator blends progressive rock with complex atypical rhythmic structures and dissonant riffs. Hillary Yarbrough’s vocals may be loosely compared to Kim Deal’s”

Southeast Performer Magazine Parade has been together since 2000. The band has released two full length albums already. Parade has been compared to Arcade Fire, The Go-Team, Bjork and Death Cab For Cutie. “Parade is a reason to get excited about pop music again. The band has crafted a pop sound somewhere between the upstart beat of a K Records band and the dream cool of a Sarah Records (R.I.P.) band.” - Flagpole Magazine

Here's parade's site.

Listen to the Penelope shoes and slow tuesday track.
I think they are more like I love you but I've chosen darkness, or the walkmen, this could definitely go somewhere.
Aviator is a little slower and melodic, like the sundays or some Siouxsie And The Banshees , I'm not into this as much, but they are a good balance.

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