Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Robs House records - 7 inch series - Deerhoof/Hubcap City

Welcome to rob's house records, an on-going 7" series based in and for Atlanta. we will be running limited pressings of some of the best Atlanta bands, so get 'em while you can.

This is another example of where I think music can go, and where I will always put my money. Here's a label putting out music focusing on Atlanta, now obviously, he's an expert, it's his town and seven inches aren't cheap...sure they are a medium for emerging bands, but it takes a little knowledge and more money than a CDR to put together. These bands mean something...and I'd venture to say seven inches must mean something to Rob's house.

My friend Matt and I were talking about what major labels are doing to stay profitable, well might be a long way away from that yet....It's just that the tinier labels are there at the shows, they are in the trenches, they are best friends with half the bands in town and know the good ones before they even play their first show. That will help them sign something like arcade fire, wolfmother. Whatever you think about them, music, I think things are headed in this direction, there will be a day where geffen won't be able to buy away the band breaking big on Conan O'brien. There is almost a large enough network of these smaller labels to handle national distribution, which would have been the only reason to partner with a larger label.

BMG can't have a member between the ages of 18 and 30 anymore.

In the mean time, Rob's inviting you over to get some of these seven inches.
This is the exact model I immediately buy into....all the 7 inches are $3, and then a buck shipping, it's all paypal based.
In have secret dreams of doing this myself.

For this particular seven he has Atlanta based 'Hubcap City' team up with deerhunter for a split sounds like hubcap city have some Tom Waits, gvb, railroad jerk and doo rag on tranquilizers...and deerhunter..well they played here in greenpoint and it was a noise attack.

Two of atlanta's most experimental (though sonically different) bands have teamed up for this 7". since their first release, deerhunter have been moving away from their grating abstraction and distorted vocals towards a new, more melodic and ambient direction. hubcap city serves up its ephemeral, yet considered, form of folk that some have deemed 'militant acoustic.'

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