Friday, June 9, 2006

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy, this is the guy who co-wrote arcade fire's string arrangements on funeral. Pitchfork has a great bio of Owen Pallett here.
This is full of beautiful arrangements and reminds me of magnetic fields, quirky unusual rhythms and use of piano, etc. Vocally it seems like baby dayliner, really high falsetto, but sincere. I'm playing it and I'm in some kind of period scene from pride and prejudice, but in the year 3000.
It's very movie score as well...and unsettling. 'Many lives,' is a great example of that contrast, there's this yelling of the chorus in the background, recorded really far away...very arcade fire. This would be comfortable in the metropolitan opera house, and I would pay to see it.
Here's some mp3's .
Thankfully there are two (at least) us outlets carrying this Tomlab release.
From Parasol records:
Final Fantasy
Many Lives -> 49 MP
Ps, US 2 track single incl the title track taken from the new album plus the EXCLUSIVE TRACK "The Miner Becomes Forgetful."

Insound is carrying this as well. I also just got it at other music, so it's out there.

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