Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blood on the Wall - Reunite on ice

I still can't get enough of this record, I know sound fix has both of their albums on vinyl, but I keep debating weather or not to order these from The Social Registry, on vinyl for 18$. That is a deal.
Blood on the Wall comes up on random and I'm back in high school, in the good way...a lost pixies album, or jesus and mary chain (from barbed wire kisses) or sonic youth. But a combonation of the best part of all three.
They jump all over musically: acoustic, to noise fun, swapping vocals between sibling members. Really diverse, the attitude holds it all together.
I turn to it when I don't know what else to listen to and want to rock.

I love the title of this single.
I can't believe I'm missing them at the McCarren Park Pool show with Sonic Youth because I got tickets for Saturday. They are only opening the friday night. Dam me. I had tickets to see them at knitting factory with psychic ills and then they pulled out for some reason...probably becaue they have been opening for the yeah yeah yeahs and sonic youth....

Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, Blood On The Wall is a three piece comprising Courtney and Brad Shanks (yes they really are brother and sister) and drummer Miggy Littleton, one time drummer of White Magic. A band attuned to the mysteries of music, how it can catalyze one’s mood from stupor to intoxication, they are simultaneously familiar, idiosyncratic, playful and dynamic. They hearken back to a simple ethic distilled in the glory days of rock music – this is raw, unpretentious, party rock and roll with hooks and plenty of attitude.

‘Reunite On Ice’ is Blood On The Wall’s first major release outside the US. Recorded with Nicolas Vernhes (Fiery Furnaces, Black Dice, Silver Jews, Fischerspooner), it is taken from the bands forthcoming FatCat LP, ‘Awesomer’ - their second domestic LP release, so titled because it’s Awesomer than the first. The alternative take of ‘Dead Edge Of Town’ is hitherto unreleased – recorded live, it’s dirtier, rougher, more primal, perhaps even more fun.

So far as reference points are concerned, people will no doubt draw up their own lists. They can be shaky and spastic or heartfelt and warm. They swoop through it all like a tyre-swing full of kids – drunk, weird, awkward kids that would rather be friends than fakers, and who’d hope that you’re along for the ride. They smile a lot when someone says they enjoy their band. When they come together to play, they do it primarily to get together and have some fun. On stage, they play like they are in their practice space.

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