Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The oxes....more equations.

The Oxes. I'm on a math/post rock kick still and came across the Oxes, who it just so happens have repressed their first 7 inch on reptile records , I read tons of reviews and this seems perfect for my recent obsession.

Track Listing

1. Kaz Hayashi
2. Panda Strong

Limited Second Pressing!! FEW LEFT

Complex instrumental hardcore à la Don Caballero. Music like that tends to be sort of difficult, but this is definitely listenable and even has power and energy. Interesting.

Some reviews that led me to the Oxes.

The young and exciting Oxes deliver enough fury to single-handedly revive rock. This, their first 7", is full of thick riffs and fist pumping rock-grooves.

The A-side, "Panda Strong," ended up on their full length. It's the best song Van Halen never did. Off-kilter drums and dissonant guitar play along with a very major chord riff. If instrumental anthem rock is possible, this is it.

"Kaz Hyashi" is the B-side. It's not quite as sweet as the A-side, but it rocks harder and is much more dissonant (which are both good right?) (right). There is a Champs-ish moment when the guitars match up to play 5ths on a short riff. Oh yeah.

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