Monday, June 19, 2006

God Bless you, Matt ∞ Pelican Split

Matt is the greatest...I already knew that but I'm going to tell everyone:
I forgot Pelican was playing last night in Boston, we'd been trying to get tickets to see them together but all the nights in NY or boston were on off days...I knew it wouldn't end up working out, and really I forgot all about it.
But then he mailed me this morning...

"Spent last night hanging out with Pelican and Mono. The Pelican guys were really nice, they live in Chicago near where I used to live. The drummer from Mono was so excited when I asked for his signature that he got the whole band and brought them over. They were so nice. So I got some stuff, a split 7" Pelican / Playing Enemy signed by all 4 guys in Pelican. It's got a screen printed cover, and the track is a demo version of the song Sirius. They kinda signed it in the printed pattern so it's hard to make out, but very cool. "

I can't wait to see this, here's a place selling it online. The show was amazing, and now I am extra pissed I didn't just suck it up and take the chinatown bus back and forth yesterday.

This is now officially the most amazing 7 inch I have...

Matt, I really screwed up... Imagine I'm playing Pelican on a radio outside your house in my trenchcoat, holding it high high above my head.

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  1. Holy shit, someone has posted video of the show on myspace.

    now you can pretend you were there.