Thursday, June 15, 2006


This is a perfect example of ebay insanity. I saw this one day going for somewhere around $20 on ebay. Just for kicks I looked up the record label and tracked it down here.

Guess how much it is...One measly pound. Cat power seven inches are few and far between as it is. This is her third 7 inch! The 3rd one ever released by Cat Power! Maybe this is some kind of unlimited run or something.
Just because it was so cheap I ordered some guv'ner 7's and a free kitten single as well.

Those were some good times.

This was the description from the ebay listing:
This is an intensely rare record from 1996 when Cat Power went on tour with Guv'ner. It features each artist performing a song by the other artist: "Great Expectations" and "Clear the Room."

Not so rare now.
I haven't listened to it yet, but this is another great find, and will definitely review these tracks at some point.

The futureheads are in heavy rotation right now, I can't get enough. It's more rock than I originally thought, a little more organic maybe, there are dirtier sounds and recordings, but only to contrast when they bring it, when the chorus kicks in.
That frog eyes is such a cool single as well, 4 songs, usual great keyboard experiments....

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