Friday, June 16, 2006

Wolfmother picture disc

Wow crazy picture disc from these current indie-favs, I think I saw them on
the MTV movie awards...they were playing from some venue was good, but MTV cut them off halfway and then tell me to go to the website...sign up for exclusive crap. I signed up for their mailing list a while ago, and it's just annoying now to get emails about a video thats playing on MTV, or they are going to be on jimmy kimmel, frankly, I'm not that fucking audience. I like music, tell me they have mp3's over here or a limited seven inch, like this one from insound that just came out...even a new t-shirt design, not that they are hosting some shitty half hour program on MTV2. I don't care, and will probably end up being really annoyed at them or something, because I can't be bothered to watch that stupid channel full of jackass ripoff shows.

VINYL FORMAT PICTURE DISC! VERY LIMITED! 5000 pressed and only 3500 of those are for sale to the general public. Featuring the album track "Woman" an amazing B-side with a live version of "Colossal" recorded at The Big Day Out in Sydney, Australia in January of 2006.

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