Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Frog Eyes 7 inch

I saw frog eyes with sunset rubdown, Spencer introduced the band and then would say "I'm the wolf parade guy.", very sarcastically. It was an amazing practically rock opera, I was in awe, the place was tiny, but deserved an arean with a laser show. I didn't mind going deaf, or even notice. This is an amazing find for $4.
Soft Abuse is practically down the street on Bergen street in Brooklyn, so I got this 7 inch in literally one day, very awesome. I haven't had time to listen to it yet.
I'm beginning to really like the sunset rubdown stuff more and more, it's like a whole new wolf parade catalog to get through.

Frog Eyes
The Emboldened Navigator EP
Four songs from Frog Eyes' archives, brought to light by Soft Abuse. These recordings are amongst the earliest recorded by the band, and are decidedly more 'punk' than anything else they've done. Strangley enough, these songs are most indicative of their scorching live performances. All of the best elements of The Fall, The Birthday Party and Tom Waits have collided to create something wholly unique and mesmerizing.
7" $4 ppd (SAB 001)
Soft Abuse, 2002 (edition of 500)

The earliest Frog Eyes recordings ever committed to tape. Features Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. Includes four songs: "World Featuring Men and Knuckles," "I Hope My Horse Don't Make No Sound," "Only to Come Across Pleasant Meadows and Madames," and "They Did Not Notice the Rushing Rapids." Recently collected on the expanded Frog Eyes reissues on Absolutley Kosher.

Don't forget to go listen to the daytrotter sessions from Spencer
4-4 track free songs!

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