Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cult of Luna - bonus seven

I get on a kick where I'll listen to unwound, pelican, explosions in the sky for days... and then it's over. Whenever I'm in that special place other bands come up here and there in research, like turing machine, or isis...well now I've been hearing about Cult of Luna along with all that stuff, there are vocals, so that could make or break this deal, but this split color 7 inch is a nice piece of wax, plus both tracks are smashing pumpkins covers, and I'm sure that stuff won't appear anywhere else.

It also looks like they have a dam lot of members, who are going to tell all their friends about that bonus tiny record and buy them all up.

Onto another great Swedish band, Cult Of Luna, who hail from the same furtile Umea area as Refused and a host of other great bands. It's time for album number four from these epic, doomy guys. Anyone who's heard them before will be needing to pick up newie 'Somewhere Along The Highway' for more of their totally awe inspiring, dynamic mix of crushing heaviness and lighter, mellower passages.

Order now and receive an exclusive FREE very Ltd 7" containing 2 totally unreleased tracks (while stocks last)
A) Bodies (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
B) Recluse (Unbroken cover)

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