Friday, June 23, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Superfan 7 inch!

One week only!?
Ok...well there you go, all other posts are on hold for this one.

So here's an import only seven inch vinyl, of a b-side track of a live show from Roseland NYC? This is so confusing....why don't you think people in america will buy this...we love tiny records....Damn you!

This is going fast...I have to put a hold on import seven inches...personally, I really get caught up in this excitement and want to order it immediately...I probably will regret not getting it. You know you want something when a week or two later it's still haunting you.
I'm already picturing finding this seven inch at a garage sale in brooklyn 20 years from now after looking for it forver, and only when I finally give up...I see it, the gold is almost worn off, but still awesome.

I need help.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Turn Into-Limited Edition Single Only Available For One Week, Features Turn Into Taken From The Album Show Your Bones Along With A Live Version Of Maps From Roseland Ballroom Recorded In May 2006, Comes In A Beautiful Shiny Gold Embossed Sleeve, June 2006-7"-Polydor-€3.50

B/W "Maps" Live at Roseland Ballroom May 2, 2006

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  1. It sounds like you need help. Please join us this sunday at the YMCA for the first meeting of 7Anon, a support group for those wishing to kick their 7" addiction. Free coffee provided.