Friday, June 30, 2006

Thee Crusaders - 1992 polyphonic spree?

Wow, this is a real piece of history, these musicians together for a seven inch solo project that anyone who is a fan of the many bands will have to have to complete their collection. What a crazy collaboration this is going to be, and to think it happened in '92. Its incomprehensible to imagine these people even around then. They didn't magically appear on the indie scene, not even 2 years ago...

THEE CRUSADERS-s/t 2x7” (Scratch/SCRATCH07) $3.50 Supergroup double single in stock again! AC Newman and Blaine Thurier (New Pornograpers) + Scott Morgan (Loscil, Destroyer) + Sara Lapsley (Kreviss, Vancouver Nights, the Gay) + Mark Szabo (Good Horsey, Capozzi Park).

Early amazing 1992 effort from this all star band led by New Pornographers leader (and Zumpano, Superconductor) and vocalist Carl Newman. Thee Crusaders belted out spiritedly ragged guitar pop versions of childhood Christian campfire songs. New Pornographers keyboardist Blaine Thurier was also in Thee Crusaders, as was Vancouver Nights/Kreviss/The Gay singer/keyboardist Sara Lapsley, as was Good Horsey/Capozzi Park leader and solo artist Mark Szabo, as was Destroyer/Battles drummer Scott Morgan (aka Kranky recording artist Loscil). Can you say supergroup way ahead of their time? A classic and overlooked piece of Vancouver and Canadian pop history? Featuring a one off guitar solo from Carl Newman on Humble Yourself that I will proudly say is near genius. Thoroughly wacked and wonderful.

Get it here.

And for an equally weird bonus here are The Popes frontman Dave Pope's favorite seven inches.

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