Monday, June 12, 2006

Tom Vek 1st 7 inch

Tom Vek, working in his garage, rocking out with very normal 90's influences, evolved into some kind of lo-fi electro-punk, passing along tapes to friends. Someone knew someone else at Tummy Tuck and they released his first seven inch, which is amazingly, still available. I have to get on this wagon, but friends have recommended him and after reading more about him...I'm in.
Two tracks:
Souvenir, - There is Only One Thing Left

Souvenir, Tom Vek - There is Only One Thing Left (TUCH068)
7" Vinyl Single

On a completely different note....Williamsburg is really catching on, I'm glad they are running these tourism ad's....we could sure use the attention.
Go Go Williamsburg!

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