Tuesday, July 11, 2006

TV on the Radio

I have not heard good things about their live show, a few people I know ended up leaving after a few songs, they just gave up. It wasn't just sound problems but their performance...he couldn't explain it, he just warned me not to see them.
I do love that they exist though, that somehow rock made a place for them. The couple tracks off 'desparate youth' that I love, I really like and end up on any kind of mix where you're covering all the bases. Like 'Staring at the sun' ...but the rest kind of falls short, it's too droning, and repetetive, a distinctly different tempo then the rocking parts. They do have an amazing unique sound, that's almost is a throwback to an acapella era, and yet sinister at the same time, kind of foreboding. An apocolyptic barbershop trio.

I worry for this new album, but I'm always optomistic...they are so unique I could see them just going this eclectic direction, and paying attention to no one, in a really great way.

This seven inch is at Insound, and it includes a cover of modern romance, thats where the good covers are on the seven inches my friends...

VINYL FORMAT. New Health Rock is TV on the Radio's New Single From Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. The single features a brand new song (titled, yes, "New Health Rock"), as well as a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Modern Romance." And rounding out this three track single is "The Wrong Way."

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