Friday, July 21, 2006

Les Savy Fav • McCarren Pool! !@&%$Rock

You think you like a band ok...'yea this is something good I put on every once in a while, it rocks, it's challenging', it has all of of those elements I like to listen to. They managed to capture that live feel, that they really rocked the studio.
I hear something from the 'inches' album and even on tiny laptop speakers when I'm not even paying attention, I'm not even ready for rocks.
Now imagine this band live, in a pool, for free, and a waterslide.
They have a fan for life.
This seven inch is still available....god dammit go get it.

I just convinced myself.

Les Savy Fav - "Hold on to Your Genre" / "Meet me at the Dollar Bin"

After a bit of delay the final installment of the Les Savy Fav singles collection is now available! The two hottest tracks are currently being shipped to stores and is available on our site as well.

This 7" is the missing piece for those of you trying to collect all of the Les Savy Fav singles in the collection. This pressing is limited so get to it while you can.

Photo courtesy of Johhny Leather, go see pics from the rest of the show.

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