Friday, July 7, 2006

Jose Gonzalez covers Kylie?

Jose Gonzalez at bowery was a great show, tried to take pictures with my new treo, but I wasn't anywhere close, and I felt like one of those idiots who take pictures, and don't enjoy the show. Or spend the whole time looking at the LCD.
Not that they are idiots, I just feel too self conscious. I knew someone else would have better pictures...that's it. I'm not a cinematographer.
I really felt like 'this must have been what it was like to see Nick Drake" just a quiet show, the audience weren't a bunch of jerks, but it was over too quick, and no covers, other than 'heartbeats' which seemed like he was just getting it over with. He came back out for the encore and said '3 more, then heartbeats'. He might be regretting covering the knives.
Well, he might be perfoming this kylie minouge song every encore pretty soon. Hand on your Heart.
I listened to this seven inch last night, I don't remember the original kylie song but Jose does a fantastic job with it. Not quite the Iron & Wine great heights, but what a random song, I have to give it to him, there is a special place in his heart for it or something. There's a backing band here, some bass and percussion, it's an inevitable progression, but I liked it.

It was a great show, and I didn't think this seven inch would be at this random store I found it in.

Third single following the 'Veneer' album which has become a fixture in the UK Album Chart Top 40 since the first single, 'Heartbeats', reached No.9 in January after being used in the Sony Bravia ad campaign. This Kylie Minogue cover (originally a No.1 hit in 1989) is not featured on the current version of the album, but has become a favourite with the fans at live shows over the last couple of years. Stripping the song to the bone and adding a chilling sincerity to the lyrics, delivers a unique take on a classic pop song.

  • 1. Hand On Your Heart
  • 2. Sensing Owls
This is import only, so ask nicely at your local place...

Popmatters loved it.

Weird side note, here's a side project I had no idea about:

In 1998, Gonz├ílez began playing guitar in a friend’s indie rock band, saving his own songs for an as-yet-undetermined purpose. He eventually put together his own trio, dubbed Junip, with an ear towards creating more experimental-tinged music a la Low and the Constellation Records catalog. Incredibly, that wasn’t enough for the young musician. His newfound interest in artists such as Cat Power and Songs: Ohia – as well as a lifelong passion for singers like Chet Baker and Joao Gilberto – compelled him to attempt some solo recordings.

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