Thursday, July 27, 2006

Divorce Singles club

The picture is almost complete, you can see they've only released the first five 7 inches and there are 4 more to go. I had no idea these all went together into a huge image...the mystery continues.
This series is great as a conceptual experiment, have opposite styles but related bands on either side. I still have to do some research on all of them, it's a pretty expansive list including, Hella, four tet, these are big bands, don't miss out. Honestly I have them in a pile with the Bored fortress 7 inches,...I'm just waiting for a day to really sit down and give them a proper listening to, probably not before I get them all.
Staring with the current 7" release Greg Davis/of, here is the exclusive list:
6) ??? / ???
7) ??? / ???
8) ??? / ???
9) ??? / ???

All of this for $28.70 (US), and you won't miss one.

Div/orce 7" Series Subscription
Special! With only five7"s left in the nine part Div/orce series, I'm now offering a subscription for the remaining records. Ordering this subscription will mean that when each record is released, it'll be mailed out to you right away. Just to clarify, though - this subscription is not the ONLY way to get these remaining 7"s - they will still be for sale individually as they are released. Although I can't tell you what all the remaining 7"s are (It's a surprise!), I can tell you that the first four in the series have all been outstanding: Hella / Four Tet Matmos / Die Monitr Batss Sightings / Hrvatski Kid Commando / Kid606

Do yourselves a favor and spend the extra .50 on the paypal insurance thing. There is nothing worse than having the first Don Cabellaro 7 inch arrive slightly bent and you pray and open it, and yes the center sticker is the only thing holding the record together.....I am more pissed that there is now one less, this was a piece of history, there's not going to be a fucking repress of that one. I almost want to stop bidding on 7 inches all together...I'm such an know what forget it, the insurance thing doesn't matter, forget that...package them better, use thicker cardboard dammit, or write 'don't bend' ....shit. They are not getting feedback.
I have to go find that record now....

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