Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The raconteurs 2 more

I saw this was coming out soon, over there and here. I mean, will I be running to the store? I'm still torn a little, there are some amazing sounds on the first single, that tortured organ, it really seemed like a new direction. The white stripes were really prolific, and every live show I've heard is incredible, the songs are new, Jack white is a machine of rock, Of course, intentionally no one could duplicate Meg White's drums, but she was the penn of the group, an ocassional track here and there, backup vocals, but she never addresses a crowd.
I think the last few albums were burying that train of thought for a while. The piano, that 'wanna be friends' song. I just wanted to rock a little more...be like sabbath, consistent rock for a good 15 years.
It's interesting he's taking a backseat with the Raconteurs, sharing some of that limelight with someone who brought him up, and supposedly convinced 'no sympathy for the record industry' to press a few singles.

Ok I probably will get these, he's an incredible musician and I'm with him for a while in this new collaboration.

The Raconteurs multi-format single “Hands" will be released in the UK on
July 31st. The track listings are as follows:
1. 'Hands' 2. 'Intimate Secretary' (Live)
7" One
A. 'Hands' B. 'Store Bought Bones' (The Zane Rendition)
7" Two
C. 'Hands' (Live) D. 'It Aint Easy' (Live)
For a limited period you can mail order all three formats for £3. To place
your presale order, please go here.
The singles will be released in the US on August 22nd.

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