Monday, July 24, 2006

Hot chip double seven's

I've been hearing things all over by these guys, getting good reviews and they seem to be doing that weird thing lately where they'll release two singles, with different b-sides. Now I'm sure this has been done historically before, back inn the day, it makes perfect business sense, I'll buy another copy if it has an unreleased track, what the hell. God forbid I don't have every release by this weirdo artist I might die.
Actually it seems to just be rough trade thats been doing it, but hey there must be a demand, they aren't pressing records because it's a valuable service to society.

Import only from
rough trade or other overseas retailers:

I saw the video on the dive the other day, the green screen one, and that song is dam catchy in a LCD sound system kind of way.

Hot Chip-Boy From School Part One-Follow On Single To Over And Over For Hot Chip, Features The Album Version And The Non Album Track B Side, A Glue Too Thick, Limited Edition Pink Vinyl, June 2006

Hot Chip-Boy From School Part Two-Includes The Maida Vale Version Of Boy From School And Exclusive Track Bad Bad Tickle On The Flip Side, Limited Edition Green Vinyl, June 2006

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