Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Organ new single

I really like the single I heard on NY Noise, and got the first single from their website which I couldn't find when I went to write about it again, but I did see this new single at Too Pure. I keep listening to the old one, it's really a defauly seven inch. I have to track this down stateside.
A canadian 5 piece, they are that poppy sad bastard music I love to listen to, and just think, wow, things really suck sometimes, but we're all going to die. Yay. But it's all from that high school time period of hating everything, but this is all in a new way. I'm lost in this explanation, it's very good, and I will keep listening.
I think what I liked the most is it's not typically slow and sad bastardy where I want to fall asleep, it makes me want to still rock, not lay down and close my eyes.

I really liked the last single, I'll have to get the album, it's really moody, new order, interpol, very melodic. I will definitely see them if they come to NY at all.

From their bio:
On the surface, Debora Cohen peels off the kind of glassy, spirograph riffs found on early Cure albums. Shmoo’s roaming and climbing bass lines, meanwhile, loads up on nocturnal, foreboding tension with booming authority.

Dig deeper, though, and there’s far more going on here than standard early 1980s rock signatures. Tracks such as “Steven Smith” and “A Sudden Death”, for instance, writhe with the same sexual longing and tormented soul as very early Smiths. Indeed Katie Sketch’s questing voice wonderfully recalls Morrissey’s ghostly groan yet coupled with a self-assured, cut-glass purity. How many Joy Division copyists have that going for them? And in a climate where lyrics are considered a rash afterthought, Sketch’s flowing words on the triumphs and absurdities, the elations and despair of love and longing are pitch perfect.

THE ORGAN : Memorize The City
Second single from the Organ's acclaimed debut, "Memorize The City" is a modern new romantic anthem to the joys of urbanity.

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