Monday, July 10, 2006

Sigur Ros

I heard about their show at the small theater at madison square garden, complete with projections that went along with what they were playing, kind of a whole light show. When I saw tortoise they did the same thing at Tramps. It was probably more random than Sigur, just kind of a mix tape of images, but I remember at the time thinking how cool that was, and the possibilites of performing that way. Especially since all of the bands I was involved with, I had a problem with 'performing' on stage, I wanted it to be about the music, I was a purist, but then you are being a dick to the people that came to see you.
Ratatat has a show like this I heard also, where they edited material to go along with the entire performance, and you could get it as a dvd?

I had a moment one morning walking up the steps of the subway out to the street, and I had just hit a particular moment in the song. I was convinced it was some mogwai track I hadn't heard, because of the strings and quiet, loud, something about the sound quality and complexity. This is really a cursory impression, I haven't listened to this nearly enough, but the string arrangements and vocals that are really moving, is this where classical crosses over?
Always good for background while working. It's interesting but subtle, it's not trying to take over, but it will if you let it.

This is mostly available here overseas, but old faithful insound has it as well.

I beleive this is a single only b-side.

Sigur Ros-Hoppipolla-Reissue Of This Track On Very Limited Numbered 7 Inch
Vinyl, Features Hoppipolla And Heysatan, May 2006-7" Emi

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