Monday, August 7, 2006

best fwends seven

OK.... I'm in...what can I say, I don't know anything about this band but this description would get me to check it out. I'm a sucker for this low-fi, jokey experimental pop. I think it kind of all started with ween, just realizing they were part of this huge joke I could be in on. They weren't taking it so seriously, each song was like a tiny project. With one song you got no sense of the band. Whatever single they released didn't matter....It made me rethink that idea and take a different approach with them, You're forced to look at the album as a whole. What
Recently the unicorns did this for me, the layers of was far from the traditional low-fi, it was really produced thought out changes and sounds.
The islands...I just haven't felt the same way, it just started to go into long atmospheric jams...I really keep trying, I do.

7" : Lo-fi casio pop with a cheerleader-style vocal delivery and an almost unbearable degree of happiness from this lisping duo.
Best Fwends is anti-pop music made by two musical idiot savants from Texas with a cheap computer. Thats right, 5 tracks on a 7".Total fun. utter genius. and likely to be a cult classic - its limited to just 500 copies with a hand-printed sleeve courtesy of the band themselves.
Track list:'Safety Scissors', 'Diet Coke Head', 'Ninja Turdle', '1st Marker', 'X Marks.'

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