Monday, August 28, 2006

The busy signals 7"s

This must have been on one of the blogs I always check like 'Goodweather for airstrikes' I made a note of them somewhere and their 2 singles are definitely worth tracking down.
I just got around to listening to this, this weekend and I noticed when I pulled it out of the sleeve it was a tiny sliver of grooves on the disc. Weird, it couldn't be more than like one minute long on either side. Of course it's at 45, or so I thought. Now that I think about it, that's the good thing about seven inches, what other format can you inadvertently play a track at the wrong speed and still think that's the way they wanted wait, maybe it is on 45. This wasn't the case with the busy signals, there is no way this could be played faster, in fact I thought it had to be 33 1/3 but I think that the grooves are closer together when pressed like that, to get approximately the same time. So I would think they'd press it at 45, so you could crank it up, and rock the needle out of the grooves. They really kicked ass, I don't know where to place them, punk rock? It was definitely fast enough, but something kindercoreish? Now when I say kindercoreish I mean like this wasn't super angry 'kill me', but they're just trying to get their point across really fast, not in a cute way....oh just forget it.

This is a great article on them. Chicago's Busy Signals feature members of The Tyrades, The Carbonas, and The Krunchies. Fast, clean guitars over a throbbing yet catchy rhythm section. Raspy female vocals reminiscent of the Rezillos. This is the one I got at shitsandwich , forget about getting it on red they are all gone. All 100. SS-11 THE BUSY SIGNALS - "Can't Feel a Thing" 7"

The Busy Signals are a supergroup in the most literal sense: they're super! Never mind that their lineup consists of past and present members of the Carbonas, the Krunchies and the Tyrades. All that stuff falls away as soon as the needle hits the groove and you immediately realize that The Busy Signals are the greatest band you've ever heard.

This new two song 7" follows up their amazing debut single on Douchemaster without missing a step.

Now I'm after their first release on Douchemaster. congratulations on having the best name for a record company ever. That's one t-shirt I can't wait to wear.

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