Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One speed bike - bully records - 7 INCH

This seems like a pretty crazy label. I'm all for artsy runs of 7"s... I mean if you're going to do it, do it right. This is a side project from Godspeed you! black emperor , self described electronic, and I like their stuff, so an interestingly pressed release on a ltd. edition label...yes I think I will.

I saw Red Sparowes last night at north six, and it was amazing, they had a black and white video projection going on behind them of world war 2 bombed out buildings and clips of old horror movies, just perfect for this epic music, kind of telling the story of civilization, of mankind. I thought of it like an updated
They were really great, it's a long show with 10+ min songs, but it's an epic ride and I wasn't bored for a second.

1-SPEED BIKE - A Swimmer In The Ocean Is Not Afraid Of The Rain
On Bully records.
On boomkat also.
The excellent Bully label really expose their fangs this week, kicking off with Aidan Girt who started out as a member of Godspeed You Black Emperor. The 7" begins with 'Swimmer In the Ocean Is Not Afraid of The Rain' - a rolling tension building slow fusion of Clyde Stubblefield drumming with acid soaked Robert Moog cooking, orchestrated by Broadcast. The B side is the three part 'Party/Bullshit/Flatlining On A Genocide' - here the synth-lines have a more pimped out quality, the drums more technical, the psych drenched melodic element more pronounced. A killer Bully edition - housed in the usual ace screen printed 7" sleeve in a run of 1000 copies for the world......

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