Friday, August 25, 2006

Thom Yorke single

This 7" is from his new solo album, his first? I loved where radiohead was going with idioteque, kid a etc...then that other album came out and they were back to the guitar stuff, which I wasn't so much a fan of...but that's where I entered the radiohead timeline so of course I love this stuff. At times he sounds like jimmy scott, or a your grandma at church.
I've been waiting to take another insane headphone electronic trip with Mr. Yorke. You have to want to, but if you do, it's pretty amazing.
Did radiohead put out any seven inches? I don't know.

Only 5000...hurry up.
Of course at XL it's sold out, I wonder if they ever have any of these for sale....

Roadrecs has it:
Yorke, thom-Harrowdown hill-Taken from this truly excellent debut solo album the eraser, harrowdown hill is based around the death of english scientist dr david kelly, throbbing electronic minimal beats, a simple lush synth sound and yorkes distinctive vocals blend together into one very haunting track, also features jetstream on the flip side, august 2006-7"-Xl-€2.50

Puregroove has it, but nothing stateside....


A: Harrowdown Hill
B: Jetstream

Just got an email to preorder the pantaleimon 7 inch. Here's the link.

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