Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Can picture disc 7"

I know I need a lesson in this band, they have been at the forefront of experimental/inaccessible music since the late 60's. Is there anything here that apply's to today musically? Is it just a case of being the first. Did they silscreen the campbell's soup can first? Is it still relevant? You know what? I'm not sure, I listen to a lot of this sound stuff and it tends to exist better as a concept, the execution is never something I seek out, I guess I just ant to rock sometimes. I don't know where that line is...of fun music, for pure enjoyment, and then the more conceptual rock, that really pushes limits. Visually I tend to look towards artists who constantly change our perceptions...the outsiders who people 'don't get', or thats not art...but musically, I guess I'm there too, but not as extreme? I mean I worked at CRI in college, and it was interesting, john cage etc., but I only listened every once in a while.
Anyway, this is a band, every time I hear about it, I go back and take another listen...but it's like homework.

Get in from Can's website, the prices are in canadian, so 7.25 is very reasonable...but then they want 9.00 for shipping....ok hopefully someone in NY will carry it.

Can-I want more picture disc-Very very limited numbered picture disc reissue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this singles release, features i want more on side a along with and more on side b, both tracks were originally taken from the album flow motion, both tracks see can at their funkiest, may 2006-7"

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