Thursday, August 24, 2006

PANTALEIMON 7 inch - Bookeaters 826nyc Sufjan

Revenge of the Bookeaters, a benefit for 826nyc, was last night at the beacon theater....Sufjan Stevens was amazing, it sounded so incredible in this theater, he played 'Chicago', "That dress looks nice", and "Casimir Pulaski Day"...I can't remember the other one. He played piano at one point, standing, tapping on the side of his leg. I couldn't think of a song where I heard a lot of piano, I guess I always distinctly hear the banjo, or horn sections...I mean of course he plays piano, probably his first instrument. I get the feeling that he has his hands in everything, there isn't one piece of the arrangement from any song that he can't play himself, or compose. It all distincly has his imprint.
Just amazing, he sang the high harmony parts. We kind of realized that as he's singing, every harmony he takes the really high falsetto and the girl backup singers have the low parts? hmmmmmm...what can't he do?
I wish he could have played for another hour, it was a perfect space to see him, everyone was really quiet and he talked about one teacher who stayed after school with him in catholic school and helped him with creative writing, it kind of got him through those years and how he really wanted to be a writer coming to NY. Someone yelled "you are". He just seemed so nice and appreciative of the audience, and then david byrne brought him out for a cover of 'Saginaw Michigan' by lefty frizzell. He said, "this is the only song about Michigan not written by Sufjan."

I think I originally came across, Andria Degens (Pantaleimon) because she was opening a bunch of shows for will oldham, and he had some great things to say about her. I think it's like Vashti maybe, I have to check out her myspace.
This is going to be on blue vinyl and an alternate mix from the one on thee album.


The new PANTALEIMON 7" entitled 'Under the Water' will be available from Blue Sanct Records. This record will feature a different mix of this song from the version which will eventually appear on the new album. The record will be pressed on clear vinyl with one side featuring the exclusive song from the recent studio sessions, whilst the other side of the record and the front cover will feature screen prints of drawings by Andria Degens.

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