Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Radio 4 - enemies like this 7"

This is for fans of LCD soundsystem, !!!, le tigre, crack we are rock, you know that danceable post new wave, with all kind of crazy sounds. This is catchy enough, that even at work with my laptop, I can still hear the beats, and have to get out on the dancefloor. If you like it, go get it, you probably know them already.
The website kept touting them as a NY band...I have never seen a show listing of them playing anywhere...maybe they are one of those bands that recorded here, maybe are from here, or they just play that up, recording in williamsburg, the center of the music world. Instant cred. I was suprised how many albums they have out...I picked up something from 2001, so their sound could be completely different.
I'm grasping here obviously.
Some overseas places have this for sale, or insound has it FREE with purchase of the album.

RADIO 4-Enemies Like This 7” (Astralwerks/ASW64742)
Now available on vinyl, CDEP in stock too. “New York’s own Radio 4 returns with the first single from their triumphant new album the title track from Enemies Like This. This stirring new single continues the band’s signature sound while taking it to the next level. This commercial CD single includes a stripped down acoustic demo version and the Culture Cheat remix. "Caroline" is also included (on CD and 7") this track is being used in a Nike ad featuring UK soccer superstar Wayne Rooney.”

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