Thursday, August 17, 2006

The devestations - 2 seven inches

I don't remember how I heard about these guys...probably from good weather for airstrikes, I've been getting into downloading mp3's from blogs and making mix cd's, especially since these bands usually have 7 inches.... this was the case with the devastations. Then I think it was in a frenzy of 7 inch ordering that I purchased this... I saw Julian did the cover art, from the Liars, and with a name like devastations...I just imagined this would be some kind of lightning bolt inspired soup...but it couldn't have been further from that...a very sad, slow tempo song about a ring and a shotgun, I don't really remember but I listened a few times. I think it might become one of those seven inches that I keep just because I really like it, there was something about these songs...I don't know. The label website with the 7" on the left compares them to leonard cohen, but thats like comparing him to bill callahan of smog.....yes and no.
The one on the right is the one I got and listened to:

The Devastations divide their time between hometown Melbourn Austrailia and chilly Berlin. Practitioners of the dark art of the deeply romantic burn, Tom Carlyon, Hugo Cran, and Conrad Standish were ever so kind to give us their favorite track from their debut album as well as an unreleased acoustic number for the b-side. Fans of The Bad Seeds, Tindersticks and Mr. Cohen take note. This is heavy stuff. Pink vinyl with a hand screened cover drawn by Julian Gross of NYC’s The Liars.

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