Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What the fuck is with BX records?

These guys are either geniuses, or like richard pryor in that movie, they are trying to lose a ton of money for some reason. I'm really trying not to be a music/rock and roll snob or anything, but there is no point to these releases, go take a look at this page...who is asking for a bobby brown 8x7inch collection?....or Chicago? and not just one box set of 7x7 inches, but 2! What the fuck? I'm debating trying to get a hold of someone at this company...because now that I think about it, I guess they love seven inches more than I do, since they are on a mission to put every recording ever made on 7 inch vinyl.

Steve Albini has some valuable advice about record labels...I really hope downloading drives them all out of fucking business, they will not be missed.
Music will all be indy and artists will sell directly thru paypal and distribute digitally, fuck them all, this is the new model for music, the revolution in distribution. I don't feel bad downloading one song from a major label, not that I want a single track anyway...

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