Friday, August 18, 2006

Stereolab limited tour 7 inch

Ok there's about 8 days until this will be shipped. (8-27-06)....Really I will be surprised if there's still any to order from rough trade. I started listening to them with 'emperor Tomato Ketchup', and I think they got me when I looked at the lyrics and there's that one song all about taking sides, picking flags and numbers, and then fighting. That's when I knew musically and lyrically I was going to stick with this band through albums of material. I remember going to this used record store down the street from the restaurant I worked at everyday with tips buying an album, "Emperor...' was one of them. When that was the only way to hear a quantity of music....It is easier now....But it doesn't at all get me to buy less, only more, I know more about more bands. I was less willing to take chances with something I had no idea about, but maybe that's just age...So it's starting to take over my win.

Tour only 7" single from stereolab featuring two brand new tracks from stereolab. 'jump drive shut-out' is a fantastic slice of where stereolab are at the moment. It starts off with a minimal disco beat before heading into a harpsichord led medieval pop song. Then half way through it turns into prime floaty euro cool stereolab pop - that we have known and loved for years. The flip 'solar throw-away' sounds like a kraut disco take on 10cc and is equally as thrilling. We only have 100 copies of this single so order straight away - one per person.

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