Thursday, August 31, 2006

ENSEMBLE (WITH CAT POWER) collaboration 7"

This is an interesting collaboration project by this artist, 'Ensemble' from Quebec. Canada is the new seattle. I'm sure that's true, every band there is being scouted. They should have a SXSW there or something.
But 'Ensemble' has been in existence since 1998. I've never heard of him but he's wrangled chan marshall, and lou barlow among others to collaborate on his new release on fatcat...this 7 inch is just the beginning and Miss cat power is on 2 tracks. It is an ensemble, from the little I heard, a lot of orchestration, different instruments. It seems he has worked with bjork in the past and has released projects with rephlex, which was I believe Richard D. James' label. I've read it described as 'taking an avant garde approach to making pop music...'
This looks like it's only available overseas again, haven't seen a US distributor carrying it.

On Fat Cat
Pitchfork announcement.

from FatCat:
This collaborative spirit has continued with his latest, most fully realised body of work to date, the self-titled ‘Ensemble’ album, from which the single, ‘Disown, Delete’ is taken. Featuring a guest performance from Chan Marshall (Cat Power), the single’s title track is a delicate fusion of symphonic, wall-of-sound production, and intimate folk-pop vocals. The 7” also features the sublime ‘Carmine’, with the CD single also featuring two further exclusive tracks; the serene, expansive ‘Their Lines’ and a characteristically abstract but beautiful reworking of ‘Disown, Delete’ by Tim Hecker.

The LP, out September 25th, also features further collaborations with the likes of Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr), UK based Mileece, Adam Pierce (Mice Parade) and orchestral arrangements by Johannes Malfatti, performed by the Babelsberg Film Orchestra in Germany.

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